Now, when you purchase the 500 GR Digital Touchscreen Scale from you can be sure that the amount the clubs gave you is actually what they claimed. Not that most dispensaries practice shorting customers, but it’s always that much more reassuring to see the weight yourself on your own scale.

This scale is ideal for the commercial grower supplying medical cannabis to dispensaries, as well as the patient who simply wants to double check the weight of their meds or even ration out a few grams a day to medicate with when on a budget. It features a blue backlight with black lettering and a touch screen rather than buttons that can break and/or get jammed. It also can weigh up to 500 grams at a time. To weigh a bunch of your meds, simply place a disposable cup on the scale, tare it to zero and then place your buds in the cup. Or if you only have a few nugs to weigh, you can skip the cup step. Additionally, this product weighs all the way to the hundredths digit. This means that if you have a bud that weighs 2.79 grams, it will tell you it weighs 2.79 grams, unlike most scales which would say 2.7.

Best of all, this scale is only $47.55 and available from under the “Scales” tab. What are you waiting for, go grab one now, and while you’re at it browse their selection of bongs, bubblers and pipes.

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