Buy Abusive OG Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: OG Kush (phenotype)
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Medical Uses: Pain relief, glaucoma, insomnia, nausea, anorexia
  • Breeder: Snoop Dogg (Allegedly) Buzz Rating: A perfect strain for nighttime medication, Abusive OG will completely abuse you kitchen by causing you to devour most of it, before retiring to bed.

Believe it or not, the breeder of this amazing California strain is literally rumored to be the one-and-only Snoop Dogg. A grower who goes by the name of Abusive apparently received this strain as a clone from Snoop Dogg and began cultivating it in his garden almost immediately. These buds are fairly small and round, with short brown/orange pistils and enough trichomes to rival the snowflakes on Mt. Everest. Eighths of this bud are typically seen for $55 to $60. In anywhere from 9 to 10 weeks of flowering Abusive OG will provide an average harvest in terms of quantity. What will not be average, however, is the quality. Abusive OG is a resin-coated plant that is perfect for anyone who considers themselves a true indica-lover. These ladies won’t respond well to over-nuting, so it’s best to take it easy with the nutrients. Abusive OG will do best in soil, but has shown to improve the quantity of the yield when cultivated in hydro. This bud is only available as a clone, so you’ll have to get it from a dispensary as I’m sure Snoop Dogg is not going to be handing out cuts of this Kush.

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