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  • Type: Sativa/Indica
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 69 and 76 days;
  • Cross: Afghan x Haze
  • Bred by: Mr. Nice

The Afghan Haze marijuana strain is one of the classic crossings in the medicinal cannabis world. Solid Afghan bred together with pure Haze creates a strain that simultaneously rocks your mind and relaxes your body. Strong mental clarity combines with deep body stonage to make you appreciate the day you became a medical marijuana patient. Afghan Haze, like most Sativa-dominant strains, takes a full 10 weeks to reach maturity. That’s a long time, especially for indoor growers. However, the lengthy maturation period is always worth the extra waiting.’s Afghan Haze Marijuana Buzz Rating: Trippy Mental Delights That Stay With You For Hours!

The Afghan Haze cannabis strain helps people worldwide to alleviate chronic pain, thwart depression, overcome insomnia, fight off the killing effects of chemotherapy and so much more. Her lush green foliage will entice your senses as she displays hearty growth rates on a daily basis after entering her flowering phase. She worships intense lighting, organic nutes, loving care and plenty of purified water. If you leave her to mature completely, she will reward you with high-quality, heavy yields – and loads of good times.

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