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  • Classification: Indica (80%)/Sativa (20%)
  • Parents: Afghani #1 x Cinderella 99
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Beginner
  • Flowering Time: 6 – 7 weeks
  • Height: Short
  • Medical Uses: Pain relief, insomnia, nausea, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, anxiety
  • Breeder: TreeTown Seeds Buzz Rating: This bud provides an immediately sedative effect that has a warm, tingly body high and a very relaxing effect. It feels incredible to stretch the legs and arms or get a massage while high on Afghan Princess.

These buds are actually very small in size, but have good density and certainly above average potency. While Afghan Princess doesn’t have the knock-down power of GDP or Purple Urkle, it is still a strain that will cause severe drowsiness and a moderate body high in most users. This is a definite nighttime-only strain.

Since Afghan Princess will usually not even double in height after forcing flowering most growers like to allow these ladies to vegetate anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 weeks, so as to generate the biggest yield possible. Some growers also like to put this strain in a SCRoG type grow, while allowing to vegetate upwards of 8 weeks. Afghan Princess prefers to take a moderate amount of nutrients and can be grown outdoors in most regions of the world. These ladies are somewhat prone to spider mites so proper use of neem oil is recommended whenever growing outdoors.

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