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  • Type: Sativa/Indica
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: capitalize between 83 and 91 days;
  • Cross: Laotian Sativa x (Afghan x Hawaiian)
  • Bred by: Soma

Taking more than 11 weeks to reach harvest age, the Amnesia Haze marijuana strain is a fine crossing between Laotian Sativa and an Afghan/Hawaiian blend. The result is a Sativa-strong hybrid strain that’s loved by people all over the planet. She is powerful; growing big, hard nuggets that pack one serious brain punch! She sets in quickly, takes over your mind – and then allows you the freedom to actually live your life the way that works best for you. She took first place in the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup and is available at many medical marijuana dispensaries.’s Amnesia Haze Marijuana Buzz Rating: Colorful Head Trips That May You Forget All Bad Things!

Solid and dense buds grace the branches of the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain. Her scent is moderate, but her taste is superb. She delivers a hefty near-psychedelic buzz that grips your mind and takes it off on a floaty, trippy journey of expansive clarity. Overall, the Amnesia Haze strain of marijuana is one of the finest available for experienced tokers who demand high potency and quality.

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