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  • Type: Sativa-Dominant
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 55 days;
  • Cross: P75 x Genius
  • Bred by: DNA Genetics

The Apollo 13 strain of marijuana was produced by crossing a Genius female with a P75 male. The resulting strain is a Sativa-dominant one that will generate an energetic and uplifting, almost psychedelic head high. Note that there is also an Indica-dominant phenotype of the Apollo 13 medicinal cannabis strain; so don’t confuse them. Sativa-dominant Apollo 13 marijuana is a heavy yielder that develops floral clusters covered with sticky resin, reeking with heavy aroma. In most cases, excellent yields will be achieved between seven and eight weeks’s Apollo 13 Marijuana Buzz Rating: High-In-The-Sky Sativa Trippiness That Initiates Euphoria!

Float through the skies with your friends, riding on a J rolled with the Apollo 13 cannabis strain. It’s strong medicine that helps people every day to remain inspired and beat down depression. It’s also known to cause bottomless-pit munchies, so be careful with your waistline! Her buds develop easily and require little intervention from the marijuana cultivator. Their Christmas tree-shaped colas are beautiful to behold, and even more beautiful to toke. Heavy, finger-sticking yields grow vigorously with indoor SoG cultivation setups. An excellent strain choice for the beginning marijuana gardener, Apollo 13 is a sure bet for a strongly-beneficial medicinal experience!

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