News reports out of Arizona today say that officials there are taking the state’s MMJ law to court. Late today, Attorney General Tom Horne sued the U.S. Justice Department and other defendants on behalf of the state of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer.

Specifically, Horne’s suit asks that a federal judge rule on whether or not strict compliance with Arizona’s MMJ law provides protection from federal prosecution, or whether federal law overrules the state measure, which was approved by voters just six months ago, in November.

The Arizona MMJ law decriminalizes use and possession of medical marijuana by authorized patients, for medical purposes, and other specified reasons, just like similar laws in fourteen other states where the people have approved MMJ.
Arizona’s U.S. attorney, however, has reminded state officials that use and possession of the drug are still illegal under federal law.

Horne said his intention with the Arizona lawsuit was to get a court ruling, “…that makes it clear what direction we can safely go — either to implement the law or that we cannot.”

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