Originally popular in the 1980’s, marijuana-infused beer has made its way to select California dispensaries. In the late 1980’s, two well-known homebrewers got together and created a concoction that they called Brain Death. Brain Death was created with normal brewing methods, except for one step: dry cannabis flowers from a female marijuana plant were added with the hops. The result was a beer that was potent in terms of more than just alcohol content.

Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: Definitely a fun and unique way to medicate. You can taste the bud in the beer and feel the effects, although not as strong as some other edibles.

While rarely seen in dispensaries, “special” beer is a fun way to medicate on the weekend, especially for those with respiratory issues or throat problems. Obviously, patients must have valid I.D. stating that they are 21 in order to buy this tasty treat. The beers are sold as single bottles for between $7 and $20 at most dispensaries, depending on dosage. Patients will not usually see this beer with more than 4 doses, due to the presence of alcohol and THC.

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