Bubble Melt hash is a THC-concentrated form of hashish that bubbles up and melts away when a sufficient heat source is placed near it. It’s made from trimmed sugar leaves, ice cubes and good old water.

How to make your own deliciously powerful bubble melt hash at home (method works well for 1 and 5-gallon bags):

  • Harvest and trims your primo buds;
  • Separate all the sugar leaves and keep in freezer until needed:
  • Do not include fan leaves or any discolored leaves;
  • Wet leaves are preferable to dry leaves as there is less plant matter to strain away;

Now, the actual bubble melt hash making process:

  • Line a bucket with either a 1 or 5-gallon hash bag set;
  • Add a single layer of crushed ice in the bottom of your bag;
  • Use ice with sharp edges, not rounded edges;
  • Add about 3 inches worth of trimmed, frozen sugar leaves on top of the ice;
  • Now add another layer of crushed ice and then another layer of trimmed leaves;
  • Fill the bucket to just below the rim with fresh, cold water;

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