Medical marijuana supporters in Butte County, California gathered enough signatures on Tuesday to rescind an ordinance banning MMJ dispensaries in the county – on the very day the a referendum about growing the plant was placed on the ballot.

The MMJ advocates turned in a total of 12,025 signatures in order to rescind the ordinance, or at least make sure it was placed on the ballot as well. The necessary number of signatures in order to suspend the ban was only 7,605. The ban will now NOT go into effect on Saturday as originally planned.

The petitions will be sent to the county registrar of voters to be verified. The staff there has thirty business days to check the signatures. If too many of the signatures are found to be invalid, the ban will go into effect immediately, but if the referendum is certified with enough valid signatures, the county Board of Supervisors will take a vote at its next regularly scheduled meeting to either rescind the ordinance to put it to a vote.

Supervisors have the ability to either call a special election, or place the issue on the next regular ballot.

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