There’s a report on the AP wires this week that the Santa Monica-based Rand Corp, a nonprofit “think tank” has removed from their website a study which asserted that crime increased in the areas around medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, CA, after they were shut down.

Speaking on behalf of Rand, Warren Robak told the press that his organization has removed the study, which was initially released last month, from circulation while it is being reviewed for accuracy. The decision is the result of claims from the Los Angeles city attorney’s office that the findings in the report were wrong, and a retraction was in order.

The study, which was first reported by the Los Angeles Times examined crime statistics in the ten days before and after city officials had shut down MMJ clinics last summer in compliance with a new ordinance. Their analysis showed that there was a 60% increase in crime within a three-block radius of a closed dispensary, as compared with the areas around those dispensaries that remained open.

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