Established in Germany in 1949 by Thomas Ehle, the Ehle bong company has maintained an exceptionally high standard for glass smoking apparatus for over 60 years. While this glassware is not American-made, the company is considered to be among the best in overall quality, durability and effectiveness of their bongs. Using superior borosilicate glass, the company employs a select amount of skilled craftsmen to delicately and deliberately fabricate some of the best glass-on-glass bongs currently available. The glass is clear while the EHLE emblem is frosted and sand-blasted on the 5mm thick glass tube.

Ranging in size from 14” to 20” typically, Ehle bongs come in all shapes and sizes with and without percolators and ice catchers. For those who prefer to do “domers” out of a bong, the 20” Ehle straight-shooter bong with an ice catcher would be ideal, creating milky rips that shoot into the lungs once you pull the bowl from the down-stem. Of course you won’t want to forget to place a few ice cubes carefully down the tube. This impressive piece will run about $165.00 plus S&H; from For those that are concerned about the aerodynamics of the smoke going into their lungs, Ehle produces bongs in all different shapes and sizes. For instance, there is a 14” piece that bends at a 15 degree angle about 5 inches up from the base. This allows the smoke to travel into the lungs in what many consider to be a much smoother fashion. This bong is priced at $99.00.

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