Here at, we don’t endorse political candidates. We also recognize that any candidate’s position on MMJ is not the sole reason anyone should vote for them, or not…but as we start moving closer to next year’s presidential election, we will be talking about those candidates who are pro-pot (at least for medical purposes.)

Once such candidate is Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico who was incredibly popular in his home state, and who stepped down because of term limit laws. While he isn’t a current smoker of the weed, he used to partake, quitting because he felt his productivity was being adversely affected. (He also stopped using alcohol and some kinds of sugar.)

Even so, Johnson says he supports the rights of other people to toke up, as long as they do it in a way that the government can regulate and tax. He also feels that the current “war on drugs” is a total failure.

In a recent interview with Reason, Johnson said, “Drugs account for half of law enforcement spending, half of prison spending, half of court spending. What are we getting for it? We are arresting 1.6 million people a year in this country on drug-related charges, and it’s a failure.”

Johnson also supports government programs designed to reduce harm from heroin use, and believes that giving the drug to addicts in controlled circumstances is preferable to having them risk disease or death from the use of unclean needles or in order to make enough money to buy the drug on the street.

Other issues Johnson (who is often described as a Libertarian) supports are school vouchers, privately built roads, and privately built prisons.

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