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Growing Weed Outdoors: 5 Tips to Beat the Ripoffs



It just so happens that cannabis is one of the easiest plants that you can grow. In fact in many parts of the world today you can find it growing wild. It’s for sure not top grade but it is weed that you can smoke if you wanted to.

Wild cannabis covers a hillside above a village in Nepal.

So when it comes right down to it, getting a plant in the ground that’s going to produce you about a pound of bud or so really isn’t that difficult a task.

Being the one who gets to pick it however, is an entirely different story because patch bandits have always been a problem for home growers.

So one option is to grow your crop indoors and as long as nobody knows about it you’re pretty much covered there.

Indoor growing is an expensive proposition though, compared to the, say the $30 or so that you’ll spend to grow a nice fat bush in your backyard.

So keep on reading because the following are five helpful tips that you can use to keep ‘sticky fingers off your sticky buds’ at harvest time.

  • Tip #1 is to not let the fact that you have a nice fenced in yard in an upscale neighborhood lull you into a false sense of security. All it takes is just one of the neighbor kids to get a peek over the fence and for the rest of the growing season he’ll be dreaming every night about all the weed he’ll have after he snags your crop.

Eco-friendly pots made from compressed bamboo are always one option.

  • Tip #2 is to consider getting yourself a dog if you don’t already have one. Not just any dog either, but a “serious” guard dog. Now the number one breed preferred by professional pot growers is the Pit Bull Terrier but if you’re not up to that then consider something like a German Shepherd or Doberman because barking just isn’t enough, you need a dog bites.
  • Tip #3 is to consider building a nice solid greenhouse to grow in. I greenhouse serves three purposes. First it conceals your plant or plants from prying eyes so that solves that problem. Secondly a good solid door with a lock on it stops the honest thief. Then thirdly breaking and entering is a felony that the police have to follow up on if you do end up losing your crop. That is if you’re growing legally of course.

“These eco-smart pots and vases were carefully designed by an ex-corporate drone, who was looking to make a difference in the world, one simple step at a time. Bamboo Ecoline was founded in 2010, and has been providing consumers with a conscience with eco-friendly options ever since.”

  • Tip #4 is to buy seeds of a fast budding strain when you shop online. All strains of cannabis don’t bud at the same time and speed, so some of the quicker budding strains like Afghani Hash Buds can have you harvesting and snipping your buds as much as a month earlier than you normally would. Hash Bud strains are also shorter growing plants, so they won’t be ‘sticking up’ so much.

A small investment that can save you a whole lot of heartbreak.

  • Tip #5 is to consider growing in large pots with castors on the bottom. You can get up to a pound of bud per plant grown in a 15 gallon pot if you use a premium soil blend, foliar feed, and don’t burn the roots by over fertilizing. Casters will allow you to roll your crop indoors each night, so they’ll bud up quicker and be out of reach of patch bandits.

A Few Final Thoughts

Then your last word of advice here is that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” So before you start in planting a giant crop in your backyard, consider your options and risk factors.

You might be better off with one or two plants that can manage well and be able to do what it takes to keep them safe. That versus growing a bunch of plants that will have every teenager in your neighborhood climbing over your fence to get at them.

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Brief: Legal MMJ Moves Forward in Delaware




Great news for the people of Delaware: the state Senate there has approved a bill allowing the medical use of cannabis in The First State, with 18 yea votes and only 3 nays. That vote was on Thursday, March 31st.

Senator Robert Venables (representing Laurel) told the press that using marijuana for medicinal reasons will help ease the unncessary suffering of cancer patients and others.

This bill would give authorized users of medical marijuana legal permission to possess up to six ounces of the drug, which would be obtainable from “compassion centers” which much be registered with the state.

The bill now moves to the Delaware House of Representatives for their review or approval, and then, if it’s approved, to the governor for signature or veto.

Here’s hoping the other half of the Delaware legislature does the right thing, and gives this bill resounding support.

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MMJ in Hawaii




Chronic patients in Hawaii may have cause for new hope

While medical marijuana has been legal in Hawaii for eleven years now, the state lacks any kind of dispensary system, which leaves patients there to acquire their weed either by buying it on the black market, or by growing their own.

Last month, however, state Senator Kalani English, of Maui, introduced SB1458, a bill designed to create what was he described as a “… comprehensive five-year medical marijuana distribution pilot program in an unspecified county.”

English explained, at the time, that he proposed the program because he was seeing too many suffering patients asking where they could get their medicine. He added that he had to make the bill “drip with money” in order to appeal to money-conscious legislative colleagues.

Under the terms of the bill dispensaries (which English referred to as “compassion centers” would be taxed, but they’d also allow patients visiting from other MMJ-friendly states to buy temporary permits for the duration of their visit to Hawaii, at a cost of $100, which may make Hawaii the first American marijuana tourist destination.

The bill passed the Senate at the end of March, and passed two House committees (Health and Safety) as well, with a hearing scheduled for the House Judiciary Committee today.

Last week, a call went out asking people for pro-MMJ testimony. If the bill passes today’s hearing, it will then go before the full House of Representatives, and then on to a joint hearing with both the Hawaii Senate and the House.

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Vermont Considers Dispensaries




Like Hawaii, the state of Vermont has had medical marijuana laws on the books for several years, but has left patients to either grow their own cannabis or buy it from illegal sources.

Also like Hawaii, Vermont is considering the creation of dispensary system this year. In fact a bill allowing the creation of such businesses has already been introduced into the state legislature and has passed the state Senate Government Operations Committee and is scheduled for a full Senate hearing sometime this week.

The bill, which was sponsored (in part) by Senator Richard Sears (D-Bennington) includes restrictions that make it fairly conservative, especially when compared to the systems in place in states like California. Among them is a requirement that patients have appointments in order to buy cannabis from dispensaries.

There would also be a limit on the number of dispensaries allowed in Vermont. While the current language in the bill calls for a maximum of two dispensaries, it will be raised to four on the recommendation of Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn.

The change would increase revenue to the state as well as make it easier for patients.

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