Ranging in size from 4.7” to 6.7” in length, Hammer bubbler are so named for the general hammer shape they resemble. Available between $30 and $50 plus S&H; from www.smokewire.com, Hammer bubblers are constructed of the highest quality borosilicate glass and fumed with silver before being blown. This borosilicate glass is extremely hard and durable, withstanding most minor bumps, collisions and falls.

Available in various color-schemes and designs, the Hammer bubbler is designed to change colors when different light hits them, and also as resin builds up. When they start out reddish they often end up a deep purple or maroon color. Blue turns to a deep blue, purple, black or even green.

This bubbler has a smoke chamber in the bulb, similar to a bong. There is a glass down-stem that connects the bottom of the bowl to the bulb, stopping at the water-line. As you milk the hit, the water you add to the bubbler will cool the smoke, making the same sound a bong makes, and creating a hit much smoother than that of a pipe, with the intensity and power of a bong.

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