Hash is created by removing the THC-housing trichromes from cannabis plants and then compressing them into blocks. These blocks of hashish can be eaten, smoked or made into tea. Some people add hash to their alcoholic beverages to change things up a little. Hashish is loaded with healing cannabinoids!

And for those that really like to get funky, popular methods for smoking hash include the Bee Line, glow rods and “solar puffing”. Throw a ball of hash in your hookah to light up with friends. If you are able to find a source of hashish, then prepare to pay nicely for it. Good hash is not only rare and expensive; it’s quite potent most of the time.

Smoking, drinking and/or eating hashish brings about an earnest sense of wellbeing. Hash also heightens the senses and is very effective for treating various health maladies including chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, poor appetite, cancer and so much more. Explore the holistic and medicinally liberating realm of high-quality hashish beginning today. Just remember to use extra caution; hash gets you way high!

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