Before you get started growing a crop either in a room or outdoors you need to choose the best seeds for your project. Now 30 years ago is a pretty easy task. This is because seeds that came from generic Mexican bud tended to have a smooth uniform gray surface while better strains were striped.

Now while Mexican strains are not well known for producing the most potent varieties of cannabis they are among the most hardy. This is because the areas in Mexico where pot is grown tend to have subtropical climates. Places where insects thrive, so in turn cannabis grown from the seed strains will have a natural tendency to ward off insects.

In a grow room or in more temperate climates north of the border however, resistance to insects isn’t a major issue you’ll need to be concerning yourself with. Besides you have easy access to insect repellent and the ability to seal up your room. So what you will be looking for in a seed strain is traits like potency, flavor and perhaps coloration.

Now this doesn’t mean that there’s no use for Mexican seeds any more because there is. People still buy them because they’re great choice for someone who is wants to do some hiking along a creek and play Johnny Appleseed along the way. Someone who’s looking for a seed stain that will grow on it’s own into a wild plant that will survive well on its own.

For most folks though, the primary traits that they have in mind are high potency, fast budding, tasty flavor and perhaps some purple hairs along the way for aesthetics. The type of things that for some twenty years plant breeders have been isolating out into unique strains that are now available under a variety of names over the Internet.

Genetic isolation however comes with trade-offs though. That is that it’s a give-and-take process. You get some things at the cost of others, so The more hybridized the strain you end up with the more likely it is to have a lower resistance to things like insects and root diseases and infections.

In general terms though, look for seeds with stripes on them. Now if you’ve ever come across larger seeds that are out there it’s easy to make a quick connection between larger seeds and larger plants or buds. In reality though, size really doesn’t matter when it comes to seeds and in fact commercial hemp that produces absolutely no THC at all has some of the largest seeds of all. They’re huge.

So what it all boils down to is that going by looks alone when you’re selecting seeds is a crap-shoot. Also growing with seeds that you’ve pulled out of a bag can be another mistake because you don’t know if it’s an indoor or outdoor strain. Then thinking the more that you pay for a seed the better your results is yet another common mistake.

Choose your seeds according to where you’re going to be growing them. If you’re going to be growing outdoors in a higher altitude for instance you’ll want to go with an outdoor seed of a strain that’s been bred to thrive well in this type of environment. Or if growing indoors you’ll be far better suited with an indoor variety.

Your skill and experience level should also factor into your decision. So if you’re a beginner starting with your first crop you may want to make it easy on yourself by going with a heartier strain that isn’t going to be teaching you hard lessons about things like root infections along the way.

You can spend $50 on a seed that’s going to produce a plant that will give you nothing but problems and leave you holding an ounce of mediocre bud for all your work. At the same time though, a $5 seed that produces a healthy plant can give you a pound of great bud if its grown correctly.

So you best advice here is to go with a reputable online source. One that will offer you advice on what suits you well when all factors are considered. A source that you can rely on to be honest with you about the seeds they have for sale. Not just about what the finished bud it’s going to look smell and smoke like and how the plants are going to grow.

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