Every time you use your grinder to break apart your buds, you cause some of the THC crystals to fall off. These concentrated THC-loaded trichromes accumulate to form a green powder-like substance that can be gathered for enjoyment. In fact, many grinders have a separate chamber for keef gathering that is located below the main chamber for catching the nugs you grind (it’s called a keefbox). Keef has a much higher concentration of cannabinoids than the bud that it falls off of. And for that reason, people like to pay close attention not to let it get away from them.

The word keef also may also be used in the following manners:

  • As a verb to refer to the act of removing keef from weed buds;
  • As a verb to refer to adding keef to some bud that you are going to smoke to increase its potency;
  • As a noun to refer to bud that has had keef added to it;

Have fun exploring the tasty and healing world of concentrated medicinal marijuana keef. Toking your favorite cannabis strain will be ever so much more enjoyable!

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