Even as Colorado Senators were killing the driving-while-high bill on Monday, the legislature in the Colorful state was approving new regulations with regard to the sale of medical marijuana.

Extending to the summer of next year, the bill places a moratorium on new dispensaries, makes some alterations to the rules for people who work in existing dispensaries, and allows local law enforcement to seize plants if they suspect them to be illegal, without being required to keep them alive until the case is settled.

Under the terms of this new bill, at-home caregivers or anyone growing pot for up to five patients must register with the state, though such people have been exempted from public-records laws in case, as caregivers expressed concerns about, their safety would be at risk in the general public knew about their marijuana growing activities.

This bill still faces another, more formal, Senate vote, before it’s passed on to the House of Representatives.

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