Pro-pot activists in Nebraska have formed the Nebraska Proposition 19 Cannabis Initiative which aims to put a proposed amendment to the state Constitution on the ballot in November, 2012. Last Friday, they announced that they’re ready to begin gathering the required signatures for their petition.

The amendment they’re proposing would remove all state laws governing the private, non-commercial use of marijuana, and would regulate and tax all commercial uses of the plant, adding income to the state’s coffers.

The petition drive is being spearheaded by the Nebraska Cannabis Coalition, which group has roughly a year to collect the necessary signatures. In order to successfully get their proposal on the ballot, 10% of the registered voters in Nebraska must sign it. In 2008, that meant more than 112,000 signatures, but the exact target for the 2012 ballot has not yet been determined.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, there’s a public meeting being held at McFoster’s Natural Kind Cafe, 302 S. 38th St, in Omaha, on Saturday July 2nd. We’re not sure of the time.

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