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Afghan Delight Strain

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Buy Afghan Delight Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Yield: Medium to Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 55 and 85 days;
  • Cross:Afghani Skunk x Afghani Hawaiian
  • Bred by: Soma

The Afghan Delight strain of medicinal marijuana has been bred by Soma to bring Indica-dominant pleasures into your world. Of all strains worldwide, Afghan Delight displays the top levels of genuine Afghanistani characteristics. Her powerful blending of Afghani Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian make her a Lady that smokes nice in the evenings, tastes pleasing and makes your mind able to deal with the stressors of the day. She packs in just enough Sativa excellence to keep things vibrant and interesting, with enough Indica to chase your brain into a tunnel of relxation!

CannabisSearch.com’s Afghan Delight Marijuana Buzz Rating: Tasty Hash-Smelling Middle Eastern/Hawaiian Skunk Goodness!

You can harvest your Afghan Delight medical-grade cannabis somewhere between 55 and 85 days. That variance signifies phenotypic variations in the strain. Different phenotypes of the same strain yield different plants with different dominant characteristics in different time periods. That’s why professional breeders are so interested in finding a strain that has been patiently stabilized, generation after generation. That way, harvests turn out consistent and predictable. Soma needs to work on that aspect of Afghan Delight.

The Afghan Delight marijuana strain grows dark green during vegging and finishes with white/green leaves, loads of crystalline resin glands – and super-smelly buds that squish into your brain with highly concentrated THC. Toke some today!


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