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Agent Orange Strain

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  • Type: Sativa/Indica
  • Yield: Very Heavy At Full Term
  • Flowering Time Required: between 55 and 65 days;
  • Cross: Space Queen x Orange Velvet x Jack’s Cleaner
  • Bred by: TGA Seeds (Subcool)

The Agent Orange strain of marijuana is a three way cross between Space Queen, Jack’s Cleaner and Orange Velvet Skunk that delivers its wonders within just 55 and 65 days when cultivated indoors. She is a hybrid mix of Sativa and Indica the develops very heavy buds, coated with white crystals and blazing orange hairs. She smells like stinky cheese mixed with a bit of diesel fuel and various spices. The taste is likewise spicy, yet sweet and full. The buzz is trippy; mixing feelings of calming body stones with energetic mental lucidity.

CannabisSearch.com’s Agent Orange Marijuana Buzz Rating: One Of The Best All-Around Cannabis Strains For Mixing Sativa And Indica Pleasures Seamlessly…

The Agent Orange strain of medicinal cannabis will hit you directly in your dome with a highly-potent punch that could cripple a beginning toker. Her euphoric gift to you is a dizzying buzz that keeps your brain humming for least 2 hours. She produces highly-resinous, dense and big buds that are prone to turning maroon, especially when the nights turn cool. Though she is certainly a heavy yielder, don’t expect to see the massive colas really exploding until the last two weeks of flowering. You should top her early in her vegetative phase and induce her into flowering in less than two weeks after establishing solid roots.

Enjoy the orange, lemon, spicy and fuel-like aromas and tastes granted to you from the famous Agent Orange strain of medical marijuana. It’s some of the most potent, tasty and pleasurable cannabis that you’ll ever experience.


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