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Amnesia White Strain

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Buy Amnesia White Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Sativa/Indica
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 60 and 70 days;
  • Cross:Thai x (Amnesia Haze x Afghanica)
  • Bred by: Sensi Seeds

The Amnesia White marijuana strain is Sativa-dominant and represents an innovative modification of the planet-famous original Haze hybrid. Of course you realize that this is one of the finest quality Sativa strains ever bred. It combines the tropical, electrifying mental high associated with original Haze, yet does away with the long flowering time required and unimpressive yields demonstrated from that strain. Amnesia White cannabis has Afghanica traits that pump up the volume, resin and speed associated with your indoor, at-home grows. And just to make sure that the Afghanica’s crisp, uplifting mental high isn’t lost, Thai is back-crossed in to supplement that awesome Haze strength.

CannabisSearch.com’s Amnesia White Marijuana Buzz Rating: Amazingly Clear And Strong Mental Highs From Tasty, Aromatic And Highly Impressive, Sticky Buds!

Amnesia White cannabis excels in all areas of consideration. This vigorous hybrid generates solid, long bud colas that will stick to your fingers because they’re so loaded with resin. When you cultivate Amnesia White marijuana in your home, or outdoors, she will reward you with unlimited value as a optimal-quality medicinal agent that lets you live life more fully, happily and optimistically. And because of that, Americans and people all over the planet are diligently demanding their rights to self medicate and heal their own health maladies with natural, nontoxic herbal remedies. It’s highly recommended to not smoke Amnesia White cannabis without having your identification card on your person. You’ll need to be able to check your address when you forget where you live…


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