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Atomic Northern Lights Strain

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Buy Atomic Northern Lights Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 64 days;
  • Cross: Thai x Afghani x Northern Lights Backcross (Thai x Afghani)
  • Bred by: Dr. Atomic

A continent-spanning history marks the Atomic Northern Lights strain of marijuana. During the eighties, Afghani Indica seeds were delivered to the Pacific Northwest of the United States and crossed with a Thai Haze cannabis strain and then stabilized indoors. From there, she traveled to Holland where she was further honed and stabilized by Sensi and dubbed Northern Lights. And of course, as Northern Lights, she became a 3-time Cannabis Cup class winner. Then she was taken to Canada where Dr. Atomic recrossed her with her own distant relatives; relatives that had never crossed international boundaries. The reunification produced a strain that grew vigorously, showing off its Indica-dominant traits including short stature, fast flowering times, heavy yields and incredibly pleasant buzzes.

CannabisSearch.com’s Atomic Northern Lights Marijuana Buzz Rating: Energy-Creating Indica-Dominant Bomber That Brings The Mind And Body Together In Harmony…

Dr. Atomic’s Atomic Northern Lights cannabis strain will generate an encompassing buzz that brings your mind and body into harmonic balance. Overall, the effect is energetic and uplifting, though if you smoke enough, its Indica-based effects will begin to take over in induce eye drooping and ultimately, couchlock. She grows best as a “pole plant”, one that focuses development on a central cola primarily. Up to four side branches with competing colas are also acceptable. Keep her trimmed properly so that she can thrive in an indoor Sea of Green hydroponic cannabis cultivation setup.

You’re going to have a most excellent time experimenting with the Atomic Northern Lights strain of marijuana. It’s one of the best on the planet…


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