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B52 Strain

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Buy B52 Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Yield: Heavy to Very Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between eight and 10 weeks;
  • Cross: Big Bud x Skunk Special
  • Bred by: Nirvana

Delivering clear mental buzzes and tasting mighty sweet, the B52 strain of medical cannabis possesses the potent power to take away your blues. Its mommy is a Big Bud and it’s daddy is a Skunk Special; making it a consistently heavy yielder that smells like a skunk’s butt, tastes sweet and mellow, and packs a cerebral punch that will stretch the limits of your current understanding of life. Remember that Big Bud is a vigorous grower that produces little foliage to contend with. She has a spicy, sugary flavor and aroma that when mixed with the Skunk Special fills your taste buds, and the atmosphere, with dense delight.

CannabisSearch.com’s B52 Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: Sweet Skunkiness Acts To Blow The Doors Of Your Mind Wide Open – And Send Your Body To The Land Of Euphoria…

B52 medicinal cannabis is a strain that is proud of its classic lineage. Big Bud is one of the most time-tested of all commercial marijuana strains. Skunk #1 was intensely refined, with diligent Skunk enthusiasts in mind, to create Skunk Special. Joined together in B52, the strain is known for developing buds so heavy that they need tied up on stakes. The B52 strain of marijuana grows best indoors with a Sea of Green hydroponic grow room setup. So go ahead and jump into a bowl of B52 cannabis right away; the mellow, flavorful and potent buzz will allow you to transcend the weight of your problems for hours and hours.


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