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Ghost Train Haze #5 Strain

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Buy Ghost Train Haze #5 Seeds at Discount PricesClassification: Sativa-dominantParents: SFV OG x Nevil’s WreckGrowing Environment: Indoor/OutdoorGarden Skills: Intermediate to AdvancedFlowering Time: 10 – 12 weeksHeight: Medium to TallYield: ModerateMedical Uses: Migraines, glaucoma, nausea, anxiety, arthritis, PTSDBreeder: Rare Dankness Seeds

Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: An immediate and soothing effect is the staple of this sativa-dominant variety. The effects are potent, but very mellow and relaxing. Great for meditation and creativity.

Ghost Train Haze #5 is the result of a vigorous San Fernando Valley OG mother being bred with a Nevil’s Haze male of equal quality. The mother cuts down on the prolonged flowering period of the Haze male, while the Nevil’s Haze provides a cerebrally dominated effect and increased potency – not that SFV OG is anything but potent. GTH #5 has great bud density, with a silver hue, due to the sheer number of potent trichomes. Often, when grown outdoors, these ladies will get a blue color to the buds, increasing the bag appeal. Do you like flavors that very much resemble Skittle candy? If so, Ghost Train Haze should be on your list of strains to try. Pungent and sour fruity flavors give these buds extra appeal.

Due to the fact that this is a strain that can easily triple in height, at the end of flowering, it’s recommended to limit the time of vegetation to just 3 weeks, at the most. Otherwise, indoor growers may have issues with the plants getting too large for the grow room. They don’t produce the biggest yield, instead focusing their energy on producing immaculate, potent and medicinal colas. Ghost Train Haze #5 is a great candidate for a SCRoG type grow and always does best when cultivated in soil, in an area with moderate temperatures. Indoor growers would do well to maintain temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When cultivated outdoors, GTH #5 will be ready for harvest by the beginning of November. When grown directly in the ground, they can reach 7 or 8 feet, so that is something for growers to keep in mind.


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