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Hot Juice

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Hot Juice Review — CBD Vape Juice You Can Trust

In the beginning, vaping was a costly endeavor, starter kits could cost you a hundred bucks easy just to get started. That said, we’ve come a long way and even advanced vape mods have come down in price, but what about the best cheap vape juice? For such a simple component, it seems to maintain its cost, if not increase regularly for the top shelf premium bottles. It’s as if you have to pay extra to see something different, something changes in the quality of your vaping with what’s in ejuice alone.


Although, that was until we took the time to create this Hot Juice review. There is clearly something special about their premium CBD vape juice that reignites the fervor for vaping in even the most seasoned users with incredibly flavorful bottles of menthol, tobacco and dessert e- juice (just to name a few categories) made to a higher standard than anyone we’ve tried in recent memory. That’s not to say it’s the best tasting vape juice ever, but we understand what hotjuice.com is doing on a very logical level.

Rather than add some gimmick or flashy label with a hip design on it, they simply concentrated on crafting the best e liquid flavors they could and are turning out an amazing product. It’s something those of us who intensely understand the process of making it can appreciate on a whole other level. Though, for new vapers just getting started, in addition to their weekly vape giveaway and ongoing vape contests it’s sure to spoil them for any top shelf e juice they vape moving forward (sorry folks).

About Hot Juice eLiquid — Review

Without somehow explaining an innovative method in which their products are made completely differently using a proprietary method and materials, I came to one conclusion during my Hot Juice eliquid review that they are simple holding their own work to a higher standard. Bear in mind, there is plenty of competition as far as cheap vape juice goes with small fly-by-night manufacturers popping out of the woodwork constantly to present themselves differently. However, many of these simply offer different bottle configurations, “limited flavors” endorsed by celebrities or cluttered with lots of fancy images printed across them to effectively sell the product inside, which rarely measures up to the promises on the outside.

On the other hand, Hot Juice clearly takes pride in what’s actually being used, that’s not to say their bottle design doesn’t have class, just that they aren’t selling a lifestyle or some subculture for vapers to join and be a part of. In fact, because their bottles look like they could be eye drops or some kind of holistic supplement, there was a degree of their design that put me at ease almost immediately before I vaped a single drop. Beyond that, the flavors themselves are incredible, specifically dessert and cereal flavored eliquid varieties like Blueberry Waffles, Crispy Churro and Crunch Master cereal variety, carried these wonderfully satisfying tastes of exactly what I wanted in every puff.

Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice Review

An aspect of vaping that is just beginning to be effectively explored is the ability to get your daily supplement of CBD already infused in a bottle of vape juice. While there is an endless amount of options for cannabidiol e juice with 99% pure isolate diffused in liquid that can be added to your favorite flavors, there are few that offer a full bottle that truly contains the marked dosage by volume. Although it may seem more cost effective to administer your CBD oil or vape juice in a few drops, without being sure of how much you need for specific benefits, you may not receive the essentials you require to gauge whether it can be helpful.

Not so with Hot Juice CBD vape juice, with a dosage range between 250mg and 5000mg, you’re sure to find one that will meet your requirements and because you’re vaping it premixed, every user will get the measured amounts they expect from every tank. This is will give you a better idea in terms of consistency of use whether CBD eliquid is actually providing you with the results you want, which has far more value than shaving a few bucks for a cheaper bottle.

Hot Juice eLiquid Review Summary

Awash in a sea of options for gourmet e-liquid and CBD vape juice, picking a reputable manufacturer whose name garners respectability and honesty is obviously something that requires plenty of research. In addition, since the use of CBD and its possible benefits have yet to be thoroughly studied by both the scientific and academic community there are no concrete revelations we can tell you to expect from using it. However, think of it in terms of how far vaping has come in just ten years; the effects of its continuous use have yet to be completely understood as well and yet, we keep doing it, with the full knowledge that smoking cigarettes or burning and inhaling anything has a direct link with certain kinds of cancer.

Consider vaping a preemptive approach to getting the most from your vaporized hemp essence, especially since the bioavailability of how much CBD the human body takes in an processes is so much higher when absorbed through the lungs and then the bloodstream. Choosing Hot Juice as your source for the best CBD vape Juice and nicotine e-liquid is certainly money well spent, it’s up to you to select the products that will effectively keep you from inhaling carcinogens, but the end result of our Hot Juice eliquid review found that this range of delicious vape flavors and variable dosages were ideal for reigniting our passion for something that we’ve been consistently dedicated to for over a decade.

If you want to start at the top of what vaping is capable of doing to benefit your life, choose the equipment that you find manageable with your existing knowledge and then pick a coffee, tobacco or fruity flavored vape juice (just to name a few) that appeals to what you already know you’ll enjoy. Hot Juice is sure to have something to fulfill your needs as well as your preferences. They certainly did for us.


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