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L.A. Chocolate Strain

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Buy L.A. Chocolate Seeds at Discount PricesClassification: Indica (60%)/Sativa (40%)Parents: L.A. Confidential x D-LineGrowing Environment: Indoor/OutdoorFlowering TIme: 8 – 9 weeksYield: ModerateHeight: ShortMedical Uses: Anorexia, cancer, HIV/AIDSBreeder: DNA Genetics

Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: Get ready to devour your entire kitchen. L.A. Chocolate, as the name coincidentally implies, is a serious munch-inducer, especially with regards to sweets. This hybrid also generates a powerful but relaxing body high, that will not invoke couch-lock.

DNA genetics finally decided to cross two of their most notorious and legendary strains, and the result was, well, legendary. The D-Line mother contributed a bigger yield to the equation, while the L.A. Confidential boosted potency. The combination of the flavors from the two strains is of earth, fruit and chocolate, with incredibly similar aromas. This strain has only recently begun to gain popularity among the medical community and we expect it to continue to do so.

L.A. Chocolate is one of those strain that can be vegetated anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on the height preference of the grower. These ladies typically stay very short and do not need any topping to control height. However, when cultivate 8 weeks, gardeners may want to practice some method of training, as they can reach moderate to large heights during that time in veg. Typically, when these ladies are cultivated 4 or 6 weeks, no training is necessary. L.A. Chocolate has a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, meaning very little trimming is required when harvesting. Outdoors they finish early, usually ready for harvest by the end of September. The breeder only offers feminized seeds, so order some today to add these ladies to your garden.


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