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Swisher Sweets

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Swisher Sweets makes everything from smokeless tobacco, to premium cigars, to cigarillos. A favorite of many cannabis users, the cigarillos are generally bought as large joint wraps, known as blunts. To roll a blunt, most people use a razor blade or sharp knife to cut the wrap open, lengthwise. The tobacco is usually discarded (sometimes it is used to roll a spliff) and the remaining wrap is used to roll a marijuana blunt.

There are benefits to smoking with Swisher Sweets blunt wraps, as well as downfalls. One benefit is that you can match one of the 7 flavors to many different strains of cannabis. For instance, the grape flavor goes extremely well with most purple strains. Also, rather than having between 0.4 and 1.0 grams (like an average joint), the typical blunt requires 1.2 to 2.0 grams. This is great for multiple people smoking, or for someone who requires more cannabis, due to their needs. Lastly, the minimal amount of tobacco present from the wrap provides and increased effect, making many patients feel higher than they would from a joint of equal size. One downfall is that many patients much prefer to only taste the medication, with minimal to no flavor interference. Another negative aspect to smoking a blunt is the fact that you are smoking tobacco as well as cannabis. Also, one cigarillo costs around $1.50 when a pack of Zig-Zag rolling papers is only a little over $2.00

Swisher Sweets makes cigarillos in strawberry, grape, wine, tequila, menthol, chocolate and sweet. They make these both with and without plastic tipped filters, but the ones without are preferred for most blunts. They also make Optimo cigarillos, which come in flavors of peach, honey, original, grape and icy mint. The honey blunt wrap goes exceptionally well with Blueberry Kush.


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