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Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

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Fast Facts about Zig-Zag Rolling Papers :

  • Models: Single Booklet, Double Booklet, King Sized Booklet
  • Manufacturer: Zig-Zag
  • Where to Buy: Available from various online retailers and high-end smoke shops.


Product Overview: Zig-Zag rolling papers have been around since 1879, and are available worldwide. Their website, ZigZag-Papers.net, has a lot of fascinating information about the company and its history, but does not allow direct orders – at least, not in the United States.

Generally speaking, the rolling papers come in three different sized booklets – single, double and king sized (single booklets have fifty leaves), with about four varieties in each size. The variations are in thickness – some are quite thin, and some are thicker, and in the burn speed (slow or fast). All are made with to the highest standards in the world – the German standard – and come with or without cut corners. (Cutting the corners makes it easier to separate the leaves.) As well, there are licorice flavored varieties, if you like that sort of thing.

Zig-Zag has embraced its history, and tends to stick to a vintage design. They mark the papers with faint grid squares to emulate the old wire-mesh screening that was used when rolling-papers were handmade, and their logo is a Zouave infantry man.

In addition to being available from good smoke shops, you can order the papers (they’re cigarette papers, not marijuana-specific, so totally legal if you’re over 18) from Amazon.com. The prices vary, but generally a pack of three booklets (each with a bookmark part-way in that tells you how many leaves are left) costs $7 or $8. You can buy them in larger quantities.

The company also sells a cigarette rolling machine (they call it a filler) and various types of filters.

Our Thoughts: Classic design, with a long tradition of excellence, and we love their retro design.


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