Handcrafted by Martin Birzle and his select team of skilled glassware craftsmen, Roor bongs are another extremely fine, durable and efficient German-made glass smoking apparatus. Constructed using a 7mm-thick type of borosilicate glass known as Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing, Roor bongs can truly stand the test of time, bumps and small falls. Not that you’ll want to test that, as they range in price from $230 to $340 and can be purchased from www.smokewire.com.

Coming with or without percolators and ice-catchers, these beautifully designed bongs are crafted to produce the smoothest and biggest hit possible. Water at the bottom of the bong is bubbled to assist in cooling the smoke. The ice notches also help with further breaking the bubbles down and cooling the smoke even more. The glass tube is 50mm in diameter, making for a most aerodynamically smooth rip. These bongs are not cheap, but will save you in the long-run by how long they will last. You’ll also probably want to get a case for these masterpieces.

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