Available from www.smokewire.com in a 3.9” Sherlock-style bubbler pipe, this concealable bubbler is perfect for at home or on the go. Priced at $35.95, the Sherlock bubbler is sure to satisfy with its smooth rips and flavor-capturing style. Like many of their products, this trusty piece is composed of only the highest quality borosilicate glass that has been fumed with silver for added visual appeal. Using double-blown glass, this bubbler is sure to be reliable and durable for minor falls or collisions. The color of this illustrious piece change with different lighting and increased resin build-up, often showing off brilliant and deep green, purple, blue, maroon and silver colors.

Constructed in a craftsman’s style, the glass used for these pipes is slowly cooled causing increased strength, durability and reliability. Easy to use, this bubbler is not only portable but can easily be smoked using one or two hands. Many like to use cold water when smoking out of these bubblers, as this tends to make for a much smoother toke, similar to adding ice to a bong.

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