Buy T.K.O. OG Kush Seeds at Discount PricesClassification: Indica-dominantParents: White Fire #3 x DawgwaltzGrowing Environment: Indoor/OutdoorGarden Skills: IntermediateFlowering Time: 8 – 9 weeksYield: ModerateMedical Uses: Pain relief, nausea, insomnia, cachexia, inflammation, anxietyBreeder: Hall of Fame Seeds Buzz Rating: The high is relatively short-lasting, usually only medicating users for 20 or 30 minutes. However, what this Kush strain lacks in longevity it more than makes up for in potency. The comedown is remarkably clean and fast too. One minute you’re high, the next you’re stone-cold sober.

The breeder crossed their own White Fire #3 mother and pollinated it with another strain of their own; Dawgwaltz. The result is a strain with neither dense nor airy buds, heavy layers of trichomes, although a short lasting high.

These ladies will provide quite a site during their 9 to 10 weeks of flowering. During middle flowering they get a lavender/red color, followed by a deep blue/green color in the final weeks of maturity. They also will only do well in a soil medium and should be given plenty of ventilation to prevent powder mildew.

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