Thai sticks – also referred to as tie sticks – are a form of getting high on cannabis, dating back to the middle of the 20th century. Traditionally, marijuana buds were speared on small, straight marijuana stems, ranging in size from 3” to 5”. Small fibers from inside the main stalk of the cannabis plant were then used to tie the buds to the stem. This may be where tie stick comes from, although they did originate in Thailand and Cambodia. After the buds are tied to the stem, the entire thing is then either dipped into hash oil, or thoroughly smeared with it. As an added step many people sprinkle with kief right after dipping/rolling in hash oil. To smoke it, simply pack into a vaporizer, break off pieces and stick in a pipe or bong, or wrap a paper around it and enjoy. Any way you do it, it’s a classic, old school way to get high.

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