While most vaporizers are fairly durable and resilient, they still should be treated as precise and delicate instruments that receive the utmost care and attention. This high-quality aluminum case will ensure that your precious vaporizer stays safe. Not that you’ll necessarily want to throw it around the room, but the protective case comes with a high-impact rubber seal that absorbs any bumps or falls. It also comes with two removable dividers so you can customize your case to perfectly fit nearly any vaporizer, from big to small. The case also features a customizable combination lock so those pesky kids can’t mess up your precious instrument.

The Vaporizer Case, from www.gotvape.com, is 14.5” x 10” x 10” making it large enough to hold many types of vaporizers, but small enough to be easily transported. You’ll also be able to have room for you legal medications and vaporizer accessories. Heck, you could even fit a relatively small bong in this thing and secure it so it wouldn’t bounce around.

The one thing the manufacturer cautions prospective buyers about this case (as with any case) is to allow your vaporizer to cool down for 15 to 30 minutes before shutting it away in the protective case. This must-have is a reasonable $49.99 and can be ordered from www.gotvape.com.

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