Choosing seeds that will produce lush, viable plants to use for a garden is a key step in process of cultivating cannabis from seed. The best option for obtaining quality seeds is to find a reputable breeder who will provide seeds of excellent quality. However, this often costs upwards of $100 for 10 seeds, and for those of us who cannot afford such high prices, breeding to produce your own seeds or finding those random seeds is also suitable.

One of the most commonly known characteristics to look for in a seed is the tiger-striped appearance of a tan or brown background with black stripes and dots. While this usually indicates a quality seed, it’s not the only sign to look for. Another way to tell is by holding the seed between your thumb and index finger. Put a decent amount of pressure on it. If it breaks easily or cracks, it was not a viable seed to begin with anyway. Sometimes quality and fully mature cannabis seeds appear white, instead of dark brown and/or tiger-striped. Many growers make the mistake of discarding seeds simply because they are not brown or tiger-striped. As long as they are not green, the seeds can be nearly any color, so long as they are fully formed, hard and are not still green. It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks for seeds to fully mature. If you’re producing your own seeds via breeding males and females, this is another way to tell when to pollinate the mother(s).

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