Buy Afghan Kush Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Growing Climate: Outdoor/Indoor
  • Flowering Time: between 47 and 55 days
  • Type: Indica
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Breeder: Sensi Seeds

An Afghani cultivar straight from the Hindu Kush mountain range region that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghan Kush medicinal marijuana is a strain with centuries of impressive lineage. It’s a powerfully-potent Indica strain that will melt your mind and expand your boundaries. It’s super-fragrant bouquet stems from the fact that it is laden with resinous glands of goodness. It’s deep dark green leaves are broad; the type that just exemplify the picture that we all have in our minds of a perfect Indica strain. It’s fast to flower, taking only between seven and eight weeks to harvest. Afghan Kush Buzz Rating: Centuries of Stony Excellence in Every Hit!

Afghan Kush cannabis grows vigorously. Successful growers are pleased to no end as they watch heavy, dense and compact colas and nuggets forming more and more each day. Count on a serious stretch in the plant’s height when you enter it into its flowering photoperiod. Add in the proper environmental conditions, nutrients, lighting, CO2 and other necessary considerations and you will be rewarded with extra large, crystal-covered and super-strong medicinal cannabis nuggets that scream your name constantly, begging to be consumed. Expect greatness from the Afghan Kush marijuana strain.

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