Buy Amsterdam Mist Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Sativa-Dominant
  • Cross: Northern Lights x Afghani x Haze x Indian Sativa c SE Asian Sativa
  • Flowering Time Necessary: between 75 and 85 days
  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors…
  • Bred by Flying Dutchman

Amsterdam Mist marijuana has a complex and original history. You see, many moons ago, the Original Haze strain was modified to create Haze Mist in order to magnify bud production and add weight to the yield. Amsterdam Mist is the next generation of this heavy hitting strain, further improving copious resin production, decreasing the time of flowering and honing in on the strong Sativa-dominant buzz factor.’s Amsterdam Mist Buzz Rating: Mindwarping Sativa Punches Mixed with Body-Numbing Indica Blasts

As you watch your Amsterdam Mist cannabis plants flowering out, you’ll see big, fat, twisty calyxes that are literally smothered in snowlike trichromes. Watch as the resinous crystals bind together and conglomerate into blankets that cover the very large, highly aromatic top colas. When you fire up a doob rolled with amazingly potent Amsterdam Mist marijuana, you’ll know your smoking something special. It’s very possible you will trip out, mentally wandering the streets of the Red Light District. So be careful.

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