Everyone has a different way of stashing their cannabis. Some people use simple plastic sandwich bags, some choose labeled medical containers from clinics, and some smokers swear by glass jars. Either way, we can all agree that we have come a long way from the brown paper bag of the ’70’s!

While I can’t deny the usefulness of a plastic baggie, especially in the days when I had to hide my stash from my roommates in the college dorms, I dislike how dry my cannabis gets after a few days. The plastic pop-top jars from most dispensaries also do not offer an airtight seal, as anyone who has found an old stash under their car seat can tell you! So I started researching new containers available to those with herbal storage needs, and I came upon the CVault from FreshStor, a stainless steel container that features climate controlled 62% humidifier packets and enclosures that ensure an airtight seal.


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. How is this container any different from taking a glass jam jar and putting a humidifier packet inside it? The answer is the 2-way Humidipaks that are custom made by Boveda, which respond to the temperature and outside climate of wherever you decide to store your medicine. The pack maintains an ideal moisture depending on the humidity of your environment. This container allows optimum, controlled storage for your cannabis whether you live by snowy mountains or sweaty swamps.

The lid of the CVault jar features a slot where the Humidipak is inserted, ensuring that the packet does not rest against the cannabis, but still allows the pack to cycle humidity in the jar. Stainless steel makes the jar far more durable than glass, which can break when dropped. With this jar, you never have to worry about ruining your stash with shards of broken glass. This picture I found on their website explains a little more about the jar:


I ordered a jar and have been storing my cannabis in it for the last week. I noticed a huge difference in my cannabis after only 24 hours of storage. The buds were stickier and had a more noticeable smell. Since the medicine was so dry when I got it from the clinic, when I checked the weight after one day in the CVault jar it even weighed a bit more! If you want to know more or know how to buy one, you can check out the website for the jars here!

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