Some of you regular readers will remember that I mentioned my eight-year-old nephew, who was a cancer patient. He died last Thursday morning (the 14th). He was at home, and his parents and brother were with him at the final moment. I’m posting this on Thursday (the 21st) for automatic publication on Monday morning, because I won’t be at my computer. Instead I’ll be at my nephew’s memorial service.

I wanted to post something child-related, though, in his honor, because I can’t help but wonder…if my brother had obtained marijuana for his son, would it have made a difference? After all, modern studies point to cannabis actually arresting the growth of cancer cells.

In searching YouTube, I found this interview with the author of a book called, It’s Just a Plant, about a young girl learning that her parents are fans of the weed.

It has nothing to do with medical marijuana, but I’ve always believed that people – both children and adults – do better with more information than less. And frankly, as The Book Aunt (every family has one), I just dig that there’s a kids’ book about pot.

In any case, here’s the video…I’d love to know what y’all think.

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