Honey bud is basically primo bud nugs that have been coated with hash oil, then rolled around in a container of dry hash, and finally dipped in or covered with the THC-concentrated hash oil once again. Authentic honey bud is made by employing a butane extraction process, not using isopropyl alcohol. The butane extraction process is far more dangerous than the qwiso method and not recommended for novice experimentation.

Honey oil is a type of hash oil, a bit inferior to ever-so-rare white hash oil, yet still mind-blowingly satisfying. Hash oil, honey oil and hashish itself are all very potent (up to 80% concentrated THC). S use caution and respect when self-administering this powerful medicine. Do so only when in for the day and with absolutely no necessity to operate machinery (or much of anything else). Couchlock is a distinct possibility.

Many medicinal cannabis users appreciate the direct and powerful benefits able to be gained from high-quality honey bud. Weed smokers still get to enjoy hitting their favorite bongs, hookahs or spleefs; they just have loads of additional potency behind each toke now!

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