Buy Island Sweet Skunk x Purple Shaman Seeds at Discount PricesClassification: Sativa-dominantParents: Island Sweet Skunk x Purple ShamanGrowing Environment: Indoor/GreenhouseGarden Skills: Beginner to IntermediateFlowering Time: 8 – 9 weeksHeight: MediumYield: ModerateMedical Uses: Migraines, PTSD, arthritis, nausea, glaucomaBreeder: Federation Seed Company of Canada Buzz Rating: Immediately subsequent to the exhale, users will feel a gentle pressure behind the eyes, that quickly transforms into a pleasantly stimulated and upbeat head high.

The crossing of these two parents created an elegantly striking strain that boasts bright purple buds that are sharply contrasted against a silver wall of trichomes. Pink-orange pistils shoot out from the foliage, while the nugs permeate a pleasantly danky aroma of grapes and skunk. Flavors of ISS x PS include grapes, skunk and a lingering aftertaste of sweet candy and citrus. Needless to say, this strain tastes like you just smoked a smoothie, while providing a quality effect. Eighths have been seen between $45 and $60 at most dispensaries.

When growing Island Sweet Skunk x Purple Shaman indoors, a vegetation period of three or four weeks is recommended. While this strain won’t reach incredibly tall heights, it has been known to occasionally triple in height, at the end of flowering. These ladies won’t do particularly well when cultivated outdoors, unless they are grown in an area with continually high humidity, such as parts of the American South or Hawaii. Expect a strain that produces colas with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, making harvesting that much easier.

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