Jelly hash is considered to be one of the most potent types of hash available, although it is not all that common. A concoction created by adding copious amounts of potent bubble hash with hash or honey oil. It is an extremely effective way for patients who have serious medical issues to find relief. Due to its potency, jelly hash is usually recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy, who have cancer, AIDS, or severe pain. The effect of the jelly hash on the patient of course depends of whether the various hashes used to make it were Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid. Buzz Rating: I can’t say enough how potent jelly hash was. It is not incredibly difficult to make, but it does take a few times before you get the consistency down right. The effect is incredible, with a pleasantly overwhelming body high and incredible, but lesser, cerebral effects occurring.

To make jelly hash, you will need:

  • 1 large spoon or small metal or glass container
  • 2 parts unpressed, powdered bubble hash
  • 1 part hash or honey oil
  • 1 torch lighter
  • 1 glass or stainless steel mixing rod


Pour the hash oil into the spoon or similar container. Next, heat the bottom of the spoon with the lighter (be extra careful to keep an inch or so away from the actual metal, so you don’t burn the oil). Now, in very small amounts at a time, add in the powdered bubble hash once the oil has heated up and is barely smoking. As you are adding the bubble hash to the heated up oil, the mixture should turn first to a consistency similar to chocolate syrup and finally more like molasses. Stop heating it once the last of the powder is mixed in and let it cool down, while still stirring it. Now, once it is cool enough to grab, place it in a sealed plastic bag and put in the freezer for around 2 minutes. This will make it easier to mold into your preferred shape.

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