PopCornBiz, one of the blogs associated with Chicago, IL’s NBC affiliate, scours the TV listings each week and recommends shows that you shouldn’t miss if you can help it. This week, they’re recommending that you check out tonight’s episode of FRONTLINE, which airs at 9:00 PM Eastern/Pacific on your local PBS station.

Why are we sharing this information? Because Frontline is probably the hardest-hitting news show on the air, and it never backs down from a story. Tonight’s epside, “Pot Republic” is all about the medical marijuana industry in California – both the legitimate businesses, and the black market that has been caused by less-than-scrupulous prescription writing.

Whether you believe that the MMJ industry has the ability to heal our nation’s economic woes, or are merely following MMJ news because you’re a patient or caregiver, we think this show is worth watching.

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