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501st OG Strain

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Buy 501st OG Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Classification: Indica-dominant
  • Parents: Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #1
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Garden Skills: Intermediate
  • Flowering Time: 7 – 9 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Yield: Moderate to Heavy
  • Medical Uses: Pain relief, insomnia, chemotherapy, Crohn’s Disease, Tourette’s syndrome
  • Breeder: Rare Dankness Seeds

Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: This Kush variety provides incredible medicinal relief for a variety of ailments with its intense body high, slight cerebral effects and great ability for relaxing the stomach area.

The buds from 501st OG have almost every color of the rainbow in them. These beautiful nugs include shades of purple, green, blue, orange, white, gray and red. They mostly appear white, due to the immense layering of frosty and sticky trichomes. Seriously, these buds are caked with potent little trichomes. They also have a moderate amount of purple on them, with even more once you break the buds open. The aroma is of deep Kush, hash and grapes with an identical flavor. Needless to say, 501st OG is a connoisseur-grade strain with excellent bag and smoke appeal. A great nighttime medication, it will provide soothing yet powerful effects that are great as a sleep aid, pain reliever and more. This bud will flower anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks and can produce up to a quarter-pound per plant when grown outdoors or in a greenhouse, making it a heavy yielder. Don’t hesitate to feed these ladies plenty of nutrients, as they only require a long flush before harvest and are not sensitive to nute burn. Anyone who considers themselves a lover of fine indica bud should consider adding 501st OG to their garden.


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