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A Maze Strain

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  • Classification: Indica (50%)/Sativa (50%)
  • Parents: Shiskaberry x Oltimers Mango Haze
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flowering Time: 11 – 13 weeks
  • Yield: Low
  • Height: Medium
  • Medical Uses: Arthritis, pain relief, migraines, nausea
  • Breeder: Bald Monkey Seeds

Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: The initial high brings about a roaring, psychedelic cerebral effect, followed by a sedating comedown that leaves the legs and arms feeling quite heavy. The comedown can even be described as lazy.

These ladies have an overall dense structure with great trichome production and short orange pistils. They absolutely reek of fermented berries, ginger and lavender, making for a highly unique but enticing combination. Flavors are of sweet berries, mint and ginger. One of the best things about A Maze is the lingering aftertaste of oranges and blueberries. Very enjoyable. A Maze can stink up a room so airtight glass jars are recommended is discretion is desired.

Vegetation time for A Maze should be kept around two or three weeks, before they commence flowering for anywhere from 11 to 13 weeks. Outdoors, this strain can be cultivated in areas of the Northern Hemisphere, which receive temperate weather through the middle of November. They will be ready for harvest around the middle or possibly the end of November, which is why it’s important to have moderate weather temps during this time. A Maze will grow very well in soil, but has also shown to produce well in a hydroponic setup. Most gardeners prefer to utilize some sort of training method for this strain, as the yield can improve, while keeping the height down to a minimum.


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