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Allen Wrench Strain

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Buy Allen Wrench Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Classification: Sativa
  • Parentage: NYC Diesel x Trainwreck
  • Growing Environment: Indoor recommended
  • Garden Skills: Advanced
  • Flowering Time: 10 – 11 weeks
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Height: Medium to tall
  • THC Content: High
  • Medical Uses: Migraines, depression, inflammation, tourettes syndrome
  • Breeder: Clone-only

Cannabissearch.com Buzz Rating: Sharp and crisp flavors of sour fruit and diesel predominate the underlying floral flavors. This strain provides a clear, nearly all-day cerebral effect.

A hot-commodity for sativa-lovers, Allen Wrench combines the best qualities of both the Trainwreck and New York City Diesel parentage. This mostly sativa strain offers excellent sour, diesel and fruity flavors and a clean, clear and long-lasting head high. The buds are fairly dense and dark-green in color with short, orange pistils shooting out of the dark foliage. The aroma is of sour flowers and can fill an entire room with its danky essence.

Currently available in clone-only form, don�t be fooled by internet imposters claiming to have Allen Wrench in seed form. Cultivating this mostly sativa variety will take a fairly skilled and experienced hand, as the buds are sensitive to bud rot in late flowering. These ladies also grow wild and vine-like and will require much training of the various long colas. She�ll also stretch a lot during the first 2 weeks of flowering and indoor growers should take into consideration their height limitations. Allen Wrench is also fairly susceptible to nutrient burn and require precise and delicate amounts of nutrients.

When you first toke up a bowl of Allen Wrench, take the time to bask in the glorious aroma of your first exhale. The smell will be of danky, sour, flowers that leaves a fruity, floral after-scent. At most California dispensaries, eighths of this sativa will go for around $55. For an added treat, medicate with this strain through a vaporizer and let us know what you think with some reviews.


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