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Ambrosia Strain

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Buy Ambrosia Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Yield: Medium
  • Flowering Time Required: between 49 and 57 days;
  • Cross: God Bud x Burmese
  • Bred by: Jordan of the Islands

The Ambrosia strain of marijuana represents the finest of what medicinal cannabis is capable of. She is sweet and pleasing to the palate and nose alike. Her Burmese momma is a strong, uplifting Sativa and her daddy, God Bud is Indica-dominant and well noted for its strong, yet pleasing scent and tropically-sweet flavors. When you Toke a bowl full of Ambrosia marijuana, you’re going to experience what a true combination high/stone really is. It grabs you right away, right in the head. And then, the full body stoning sets in that you really will feel from head to toe. Its strong medicine for every medical marijuana patient.

CannabisSearch.com’s Ambrosia Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: Crispy Brain Highs Accompanied By Full-Length Waves Of Stoniness!

The Ambrosia strain of cannabis grows well using a Sea of Green cultivation approach. Trim off her bottom branches leaving only the top four or five. Let her concentrate all of her growth energy on a central top cola. If you’re going to grow her outdoors, you can expect a medium height plant that grows quickly and vigorously. If she has room, she will bush out (without her bottom branches being pruned). Her yield is respectable and her stinky buds fill the air with classic skunkiness. Her leaves will turn yellow and her hair will turn fiery orange to let you know that she’s ready for harvest.

Don’t torture yourself further; go procure some of the Ambrosia strain of marijuana as soon as you can. There’s really not one good reason not to.


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