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Automatic Strain

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Buy Automatic Seeds at Discount Prices

  • Type: Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis Hybrid
  • Yield: Heavy
  • Flowering Time Required: between eight and 10 weeks;
  • Cross: (Mexican Ruderalis x Northern Lights) x Bonkers Male
  • Bred by: Big Buddha

The Automatic marijuana strain combines Mexican Ruderalis with Northern Lights and then crosses the resulting strain with pollen from a Bonkers male. Specifically, she is 50% Indica, 30% Sativa and 20% Ruderalis. She grows bushy and stays short; perfect for a Sea of Green indoor cultivation setup. She requires very little attention, or even knowledge, from the gardener and practically grows herself. In fact, experts agree that she is one of the easiest medicinal cannabis strains to grow, period. Big Buddha asserts that Automatic is the next generation auto-flowering strain, and one that continues to make worldwide fans out of all cannabis connoisseurs who experience her delights.

Automatic marijuana offers scents of lavender flowers and a cotton candy/tart taste. She presents loads of flavor and aroma that is sure to please. She also works it out where it counts most: in your bodily systems! Her buzz attacks your senses very quickly, and very potently. A pleasant, yet powerful high will set in and allow you to transcend pain, depression and so much more.

CannabisSearch.com’s Automatic Marijuana Buzz Rating: Sweettart-Sticky Glistening Buds From Ambrosia Land!

Automatic cannabis plants grow vigorously and are a very stable strain to cultivate. You’ll notice little variation between phenos and will enjoy getting her set up in your grow system, setting back and letting her do all the work! She is truly a pleasure to work with and makes you feel that you’re doing everything just right. Enjoy your experience cultivating Automatic medical-grade cannabis in your home. After all, it’s legal now in 14 states plus Washington, DC.


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