The Seattle Weekly has reported that TSA agents at the Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) airport seem to be better-informed about the rights of medical marijuana users in Washington than many other members of the Federal government. This was proven when one of their reporters recently went through the security check-point with his MMJ. He put it in the bin to be scanned as he passed through the body scanner. They examined it, checked his documentation, and handed it back, all with minimal fuss.

San Francisco and Oakland airports in California have also been referred to as “MMJ Friendly” airports, but as with all things that involve either the TSA specifically, or the recent federal crackdown on dispensaries and growers, it seems to largely be a question of who is on duty at any given moment, and what their own attitudes are. (Not that this should come as a surprise. Most TSA agents aren’t even up-to-date on the fact that you’re not required to remove iPads or Kindle ereaders from your carry-on, the way you do a full-sized laptop.

Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to know that at least some TSA personnel apparently understood the memo from Deputy U.S. Attorney General David Ogden that was disseminated last month.

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